The Take Action Effect
Follow The Proven Steps To Building a Future Proof Business and Create YOUR Ultimate Freedom
Start Taking Action?
It's Not About Never Failing
It's about Learning and Growing from every Action.
If failing is experience, winning is a result.

Every action you take has an outcome, and whether the result is a win or a loss, it helps you learn. 

When you begin to take action toward your dream, you’ll make some wrong moves, guaranteed.  


What result did you get? Why did it work? Why didn’t it work? What did you learn?

Before we can ask these questions—and get the answers that move us forward—we have to take action. 

When you try something new, however small, you get to see what happens, ask questions, and get a result.

Every small victory is actually fuel for the engine driving you towards your dream.

That's The Take Action Effect
Are You Finally Ready to
Start Taking Action?

Pat Flynn From Smart Passive Income

“If there’s one person in the world that can help motivate you to take action, it’s Scott. His years of experience, combined with his care to actually help people live a better life, are put into The Take Action Effect. You’d be doing yourself and the important people around you a disservice not to read this book and start changing your life.”

John Lee Dumas
From EOFire

“Scott is truly an entrepreneur on fire, and has proven that
taking action leads to results. In this book you’ll learn through
his life and business experiences how to shortcut your path to
building a true lifestyle business. This book is seriously ON
FIRE with value bombs and a clear roadmap so you can take
action...and IGNITE!”

Jamie Masters From Eventual Millionaire

“Scott is a shining example of how taking action can revo- lutionize your life. He’s not only built an amazing life for himself using these tactics, he’s helped so many people achieve the life of their dreams. Your first action is to read and use the content in this book NOW! It can change the trajectory of your life.”

Ryan Lee 

“I’ve known Scott (aka: Scotty V) for a few years now and his TAKE ACTION approach that he shares is exactly what people need to get out of their own way and be successful. Inside The Take Action Effect, Scott shows you how to dis- cover your hidden talent and then build a business around it, while not chasing the next shiny object. This book is the roadmap to follow for anyone wanting to build a real business that they love.”
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